Eternal Gratitude with a Heart Filled with Love

Love Covers Everything

I believe in empowering individuals and families to take their health into their own hands. As one of my mentors says, “The Doctor of the Future is You!!!”

People ask me all the time what my stance is on biologics.  I tell them that I am neutral.  There are a list of adverse reactions that are possible.  Read the information listed by the manufacturer.  Unfortunately there are limited studies in the area. 

Life is so precious and can be so fragile. I remember practicing at a local hospital caring for patients with cancer and blood diseases and being surrounded by so much suffering.  In so many ways, I learned from families what it means to appreciate life.  So many of them inspired me to enjoy and be grateful for each day.  I would be so keenly aware of how blessed I was to go home at night when some of my patients did not have that option.  Unfortunately, some of them never went home.  I remember preparing orders for one patient (about 7 years old) to go home to hospice care.  I had become particularly attached to this little guy and felt like I was free-falling inside as I prepared the paperwork.  I think he sensed that and came over and gave me the sweetest and tightest hug as if to say, “It’s going to be okay.”  I also remember a little 3 year old struggling to take her last breaths and me just about breaking down at the bedside.

All these experiences helped me to appreciate health and wellness in a new light.  Most of the parents of these really sick children did everything they were told by their doctor.  There is no one size fits all in medicine.  Life is precious and every medical decision/intervention should be taken with caution.

Everyone should practice with eternal gratitude and a heart filled with love.  This is a calling not just a job.  We hope that wherever you are, you choose healthcare providers that practice with a heart of love!

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