The Plight of Modern Medicine

We know how to save lives in modern medicine with drugs and devices, but we are not very good with preventing disease. We have more and more chronic disease at younger and younger ages. I see kids earlier and earlier with what used to be adult diseases like obesity, anxiety and depression, irritable bowel syndrome and the like. We are also seeing more developmental disorders such as speech delay, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD and oral aversions. This is not just something that I’ve read in a textbook. This is real life. Something I’ve experienced personally. My own child has suffered from some developmental delay. I counsel more on more patients on the above disorders; much more than I did almost 10 years ago when I began primary care. These problems are certainly much more prevalent than they were say 20 years ago when I began my medical career. This is a systemic issue across the board.

Why I’m Passionate About Alternative/Holistic Medicine

As a physician, we constantly need to be learning and growing. Medicine is constantly changing and evolving so if we stay the same, then we’re behind. I am a life-long learner and I love it! I learn not only for my patients, but for myself. My passion for alternative/holistic medicine stems more from my experiences as a patient than from being a doctor. I remember last year after I was in a car accident I had a post-concussion syndrome. It was really bad! I was really “Off”; I felt like I was drunk early on and could hardly walk straight. I saw a couple of physicians, one of whom literally blew me off and in essence tried to tell me that I was fine. “I am not fine!” I wanted to scream. This physician was ignorant of the brain’s response to trauma and so she couldn’t help me. I understand her ignorance because at one point, I was there. Her lack of compassion made it inexcusable in my mind. It’s one thing to be ignorant; it’s another to be casually indifferent in addition to ignorant. This is why I empower patients to seek answers. My ideal patient is always an educated one.


My desire to start this blog stemmed from my struggle to lose weight. Some called it baby weight! I called it annoying! Whatever the source of the excess weight doesn’t matter at this point. My goal is to demystify weight loss and help as many people as possible reach their ideal weight goal and wellness goals. As a physician, I learned a lot about health on a cellular and molecular level in medical school. As a mom, my desire is for wellness for myself, my husband and my kids and others around me. I see too many people around me struggling with weight. Some of them are some of my dearest friends and family. Most of whom are really disciplined and hard working. They are not slobs! They try to eat healthy, but the options and information that are available can be confusing. I will use this blog to try to shed some light along the wellness journey. Come along with me! As we journey together